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Pilgrim Tile – Canterbury Cathedral

Today I completed an embroidery in which I was experimenting with the process of working ‘in the negative’.  I am not happy with the embroidery itself enough to put into kits, however the process was incredible.  As I was sketching from the original tile, I found myself quite spooked by the face of the person on the original tile.  This image of the original … Read More Pilgrim Tile – Canterbury Cathedral

1292-1303 Embroidery Guild Regulations – Paris

I have been reading a wonderful book, ‘Medieval Craftsmen Embroiderers’, by Kay Staniland, British Museum Press, 1991.  In it are the earliest formal regulations (that we are aware of) for an Embroidery Guild in Europe.  The regulations were drawn up in Paris, during the height of English embroidery (opus anglicanum).  I am struck by the professional integrity and honesty reflected within the articles to protect … Read More 1292-1303 Embroidery Guild Regulations – Paris


I have started to vlog on my YouTube channel.  I have an excessive fascination with all things medieval so have decided to vlog on interesting things that come up! I will provide links to this Kerry’s Medieval Embroideries website when the vlogs are directly related to the embroideries.  Otherwise, they can be found at: I have posted an introduction in Vlog #1 and … Read More Vlogs

Reflection on new St Cuthbert Design

I am working on another design alongside my 2 metre illuminated border (which is in the corner in disgrace – I am cranky with it right now, not sure if my colours are right).  I fell in love with the cover of St Cuthbert’s gospel, also known as the Stonyhurst Gospel. This picture is found on the British Library blog site: The book is … Read More Reflection on new St Cuthbert Design

Autumn Evenings

The evenings are growing colder, the cats are growing snugglier and we are getting very near to lighting evening fires here in Toowoomba, Qld.  The rain has been coming in a steady patter all day and I have delighted in the simplicity of sipping rosehip tea, pencil in hand, sketching out my next medieval embroidery design these past two evenings. The 14th century manuscript … Read More Autumn Evenings


Itchy embroidery fingers…

It has been a long time since I have been able to settle in front of my embroidery frame.  For a variety of reasons, we have been homeschooling our children this year.  Whilst that is fun, rewarding and means a much easier way of life time-wise – I find that I am throwing wistful glances towards my embroidery. We have had two wonderful additions … Read More Itchy embroidery fingers…

Another way to understand medieval embroidery?

I began painting medieval illumination in my youth.  It is relatively recently however, that I began expressing through medieval embroidery.  For me, it is a relatively seamless experience.  Medieval illumination and medieval embroidery are all too often treated categorically and independently.  English embroidery during the Middle Ages reached its zenith – Opus Anglicanum (English Work) –  being highly prized, including by royalty.  Embroidery was as … Read More Another way to understand medieval embroidery?

Hoop n’ Hearth

Reflections at the Embroidery Frame Medieval embroidery is a very deep and personal process for me and is a time in which much reflection occurs.  While my hands are industrious, the mind, heart and soul is stilled.  Sharing stitching time draws people together and I feel it is intrinsically human.  This blog space is a time in which I invite you to – so … Read More Hoop n’ Hearth