It has been a long time since I have been able to settle in front of my embroidery frame.  For a variety of reasons, we have been homeschooling our children this year.  Whilst that is fun, rewarding and means a much easier way of life time-wise – I find that I am throwing wistful glances towards my embroidery.

We have had two wonderful additions to our family as well – Merlin, a rag doll cat and a little Siamese kitten who is still waiting for a name.  They spend much time wrestling each other at the base of the embroidery frame and Merlin has even been in trouble for testing the back of the St Chad embroidery for a scratching post!  Amidst these huge family changes and additions, though I try to snatch moments of embroidery time – something incredible has happened.  My two daughters have learned the 11th Century style of stitching used in these kits and have become addicted!  So while I am lesson planning for school etc. they spend many merry hours at their embroidery hoops.

I will devote this year to homeschooling and preparing for a return to school next year – in the meantime, I will be stealing those fantastic moments to work on my St Chad design (found on current works tab of my website) and another design called On the Making of Mead.  I do check online on a daily basis… and I will continue to snatch moments somehow amidst a house full of cats.  Doing embroidery with a Siamese – well that is a whole other blog entry!

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