Stitching Tutorials:

An introduction to stem stitch which is used for outlining and lettering.  This stitch is stage one of three.

An introduction to a stitch very similar to satin stitch.  The reverse side of the 11th Century Bayeux Tapestry reveals the method of this stitch – it is similar to contemporary satin stitch though has important unique aspects.  It is wonderful for covering blocks of colour very quickly.  This stitch is stage two of three.

The final stage of the stitching process.  This is where your embroidery will really take on the wonderful historical look!

Couching Tutorials

Working with Gold

My apologies for the film quality of the three couching gold tutorials – it reminds me of a 70’s film!

Chainmail Tutorials

The chainmail weave is the 5 ring (4 in 1) weave popular in medieval Europe.  Tutorial one of four will show you the foundational building block of chainmail.

Tutorial two of four

Tutorial three of four – adding central rings!  Fundamental to chainmail know-how!

The last tutorial!

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