I have started to vlog on my YouTube channel.  I have an excessive fascination with all things medieval so have decided to vlog on interesting things that come up!

I will provide links to this Kerry’s Medieval Embroideries website when the vlogs are directly related to the embroideries.  Otherwise, they can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyXvGmqS0Loq3AvRKpZc96w?view_as=subscriber

I have posted an introduction in Vlog #1 and looking into medieval cats in the ‘How Medieval is Your Cat’ Vlog #2.  We are currently making Vlog #3 where we will put our cats to the medieval qualities test… hee hee hee.  It has been a lot of fun.

I have a fantastic 1330 cookbook from the kitchen of King Richard II – I will be cooking my way from the front cover to the back cover adhering as closely as possible to the original recipes, however throwing it all straight into the 21st century kitchen pot.  No wood fires, and certainly no room to first catch my chicken (not to mention the recipes that call for blood!).  I will be sharing fantastic books I have found; music; mead making; and my ongoing research.

I will also be filming working at the embroidery frame – the Vlogs are a space to share my medieval reflections, musings and amusements with you as well as inviting you into our family and work space.  I hope you enjoy this broader aspect of connection.  This website will remain embroidery specific.  All the best – Kerry.

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