Reflections at the Embroidery Frame

Medieval embroidery is a very deep and personal process for me and is a time in which much reflection occurs.  While my hands are industrious, the mind, heart and soul is stilled.  Sharing stitching time draws people together and I feel it is intrinsically human.  This blog space is a time in which I invite you to – so to speak – pull up a chair, pick up your stitching and join me at the hearth, where we can reflect, natter and share.

I am a country girl far from home.  My heart and soul is restless and yearns for the green, the simple and quiet life.  Sitting at my embroidery frame, my yearning is infused with great hope, memories are cherished and the present moment absorbs me into its wonder.  As the medieval designs grow, they somehow become independent from what my hand is creating, taking on a life of their own, and I become lost in their colour, their story and the people and places they represent.


I am a country girl far from home –  but sitting at my embroidery frame stills my heart

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