The Book of St. Chad is hand stitched using the combination of stitches particular to the 11th Century Bayeux Tapestry on the main body of the birds. The colours I have used have been carefully chosen according to the original manuscript’s colours.  The embroidery kit is supplies:  quality cotton thread; the design already transferred onto 100% black linen; comprehensive instructions; Stitching Guide; Colour Chart; Interlaced Couching Guide and four needles.

The design size is 28.5 cm (width) x 28.5 cm (height).  Online tutorials are available for the stitching and I welcome you to contact me at any stage of your medieval embroidery journey for support.  If you need clarification for anything, I will make a personalised video response to support you.  The guides are pitched for embroiderers of any skill level.

When I first saw the 8th Century medieval illumination, I instantly knew I wanted to adapt it for an embroidery worked on black linen.  I knew nothing of its story, nor where St. Chad derived from.  I did however, experience a very deep pull towards it.  I spent many evenings mesmerised as I sketched its interlacing, winding ways.

The Book of St. Chad is an adaptation of the Carpet Page of an 8th century manuscript from Northern England.  The illuminations in the original manuscript are a fantastic example of a combination of Anglo-Saxon/Celtic style art (commonly referred to as insular art).  St. Chad himself was an Anglo-Saxon (though he bears a British Celtic name) and was Abbot of several monasteries and became Bishop of Northumbria then Mercia.

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