The St Cuthbert Gospel is an embroidery kit where you can learn the combination of stitches particular to the 11th Century Bayeux Tapestry and topside couching techniques common to medieval embroidery.  The kit supplies all of the materials you will need to complete it:  colour chart; very detailed instructions; needles; threads and the design on 100% linen.  Online tutorials are available and I provide personal support at every stage of your stitching journey.  It gives me great joy to share these historic stitches.

The design size is 25.5 cm (width) x 33.7 cm (height).

In this embroidery, I have closely adhered to the trace pigments found on the extraordinary remains of the cover of St Cuthbert’s Gospel (700-30).  After much research and reflection, I decided to simply trace the pigments found on the artefact within a cream setting.   The process was extraordinary, unable to determine how the end product would look, instead faithfully adhering to the original pigments found on Gospel laid alongside St Cuthbert in his coffin.

This has been the most moving and astonishing embroidery design I have completed.  I hope you enjoy this embroidery and become entwined in its wonderful original forms and pigments, and may it share its wisdom with you.

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