If you are interested in a workshop near you – please do not hesitate to contact me.  It is my joy to share historical stitching and techniques and, given sufficient numbers, I am happy to travel!  International travel considered.

Workshops Available:

  • 11th Century stitching – Bayeux Tapestry Style
  • Chainmail in Embroidery
  • Couching – creating Celtic Interlacing in Embroidery; Filigree Work and Couching with Gold

All materials and kits will be supplied in workshops.  Upon contact, we will discuss numbers, venue and price.

All the best!

Recent Workshops:

September 2019 – Laundry Day, Quilt Craft Toowoomba

We spent a wonderful day learning 11th Century Stitching techniques (on the ‘Laundry Day’ design).  Experienced embroiderers commented that the technique was new to them and were amazed at the economy of the process regarding both time and resources.  I was thrilled with their response to the technique – it was a joy to share!


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