This kit includes:  design on linen; quality threads; three needles; comprehensive instructions; Colour Chart; Stitching Guide; Filigree Swirls Guide and Couching Gold Guide.  The Guides contain photographs and concise instructions with tutorials also being available online.

The design is transferred onto 100% pure linen, ready for stitching.  The Colour Chart is clear with clarity made between any subtle colour tones.  The design size is 13 cm (height) x 22 cm (width).

This design is based upon an artefact found within the Staffordshire Hoard – a 6-7th Century Anglo-Saxon gold hoard.  This kit is an introduction to couching gold thread.  Medieval English Embroidery, Opus Anglicanum (English Work) reached its glory 1250-1350 AD, being world renowned, highly sought after and prized – with incredible amounts of couched gold.  Some elements of this Anglo-Saxon design are worked with the combination of stitches used in the 11th Century Bayeux Tapestry with the addition of embroidered gold thread.  So this kit can be described as a convergence, where Anglo-Saxon meets the Bayeux Tapestry with a fore-shadowing of Opus Anglicanum.

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